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Mpphc.net is India’s most popular news portal in the online space. Launched in Aug. 2021, with the goal of reaching millions of Indians in India and the larger Indian Diaspora who want to remain up to date on India-related news and articles.Mpphc.net’s effort is to provide such material for you, in your language, which will help you move forward in life. And a platform to raise your voice. That’s why you will find here useful discussions ranging from latest news to jobs, education and the changing economic picture of New India. Spicy talks of sports, cinema and abroad and interesting stories taken from the book world.Overall, we have brought such a world for you on the net, which will fill you with enthusiasm for life! All material published on Mpphc.net is copyright protected and any reproduction or distribution of its material in any form is prohibited.Our aim is to inform about all its dimensions with accurate information as soon as possible. Be it political corridors or glamor world, crime street or sports village, tech talk or fearless opinion on any issue, all on this platform. We will tell such a mystery of history that you will be shocked to know, such stories from books that will shake you. Mpphc.net‘s intentions are to make you aware of every aspect of the news that is important to you.Apart from its precise journalistic standards, Mpphc.net Group is also distinguished for its constant innovation, reinvention and adoption of new technologies. It features an integrated, state-of-the-art newsroom that seamlessly feeds editorial content across its social media and digital entities, adding a massive cumulative reach. The video content in Mpphc.net is tailored for a generation that wants news fast, accurate and no-frills.